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"Air to Water" heat pumps in Montenegro. LLC "OS Group"

Repair and maintenance servicе "air to water" heat pumps in Montenegro, - LLC "OS Group"

"Air to water" heat pumps modify and use an outside energy as a heat source. Heat pump allows to cut down on expenses for space heating by 50 % ad compared to a common heating systems.

To install such device the laying of special pipes and hole drilling are not required. However, the disadvantage of "air-water" heat pumps is that it is simply impossible to recover heat from icy air and that is why it is recommended to use them only in southern areas and regions where the temperature in winter doesn't go below -15 degrees on Celsius or have an additional energy source in heating system (electrical, diesel or coal-fired boiler) which will sometimes be used at very low temperatures of the environment.

In terms of heat pumps design features, they can be of such modifications: моnо and split. In mono-units all structural parts are inserted in one common unit which is situated indoors and it is connected with special hose outdoors.

Air to water heat pump in Montenegro
"Air to water" heat pump in Montenegro

In split-systems the heat pipe installation consist of two units which are connected between each other with special communication lines. The outside unit is composed of quite heavy fan and also an evaporator which is installed in its turn on the plot nearby the building or house.

The inside unit is composed of a condenser and automatic system, it is installed directly indoors. A compressor may be mounted indoors or outdoors, but its operation will be accompanied by quite intemse noise and that is why it is better to instal it outdoors.

You may purchase such heat pumps in any city in Montenegro, including Tivat, Podgorica and Budva.

Some models of "air to water" heat pump, manufacturers: Panasonic, Mitsubishi, DAIKIN.

Air to water heat pump Panasonic
"Air to water" heat pump Panasonic
Air to water heat pump Mitsubishi
"Air to water" heat pump Mitsubishi
Air to water heat pump DAIKIN
"Air to water" heat pump DAIKIN

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