Service and repair of climate equipments in Montenegro. LLC "OS Group"
Repair, service, installation and sale
the climate equipment and solar systems
in Montenegro. LLC "OS GROUP"

Service and repair of climate equipments in Montenegro. LLC "OS Group"

Even the most reliable equipment requires a technical maintenance.

Why have you cleared to perform service maintenance of climate equipment? Service and repair of climate equipment in Montenegro. LLC OS Group
Service and repair of climate equipment in Montenegro. DOO "OS Group"

The case is that climate equipment bears no resemblance to the other household appliances which can successfully work out the whole service life without exterior interference. It can be more likely compared to an autocar which requires regular maintenance at branded service centre and a deferred maintenance threatens the warranty loss.

How many it will work before the first breakage — 2 years or 5 years — a matter of luck. And it will break, most likely, in the maximum charge, that is in the summer when the turn on reconditioning of climatic machinery is stretched for weeks. Service service allows to reduce probability of breakage of climatic system to a minimum. Climate equipment, surely, hasn’t got such complex structure, as an automobile but it also has fans, compressor, a closed gas and hydraulic system of high pressure. If not to clean radiator of the outside unit and refuel the system with freon, than the most reliable air conditioner will stop operating correctly after a time. There are chance circumstances how much time it will work until the first breakage - — 2 years or 5 years. It will likely brake in the period of the maximum loading rather in summer when the waiting list for climate equipment tails out for weeks. Whereas the service maintenance allows to keep to a minimum failure probability of climate equipment

Can a maintenance service guarantee the flawless system operation?

Of course, no. Two principal reasons of malfunction are left: equipment fault and low-quality hook-up (accidental damage of climate equipment during operation is not taken into account). It is impossible to guess how long one or another climate system will work out but we can estimate the probability of its flawless operation. To this effect we will need failure statistics

However, for authentic statistics it is necessary to have data about thousands of installed systems provided that this data must be collected during the long period (nor less than 5 — 7 years). The manufacturer has got such data but it is the interested party and probably he won’t publish the data which may witness about insufficiently high quality of climate equipment.

Furthermore the manufacture has no full information about faults caused by installation or service procedural violations. Therefore only based on own experience the installation contractor may forecast failure probability of climate equipment of one or another trade mark.

LLC "OS Group" offers:

Service of air conditioners in Montenegro
Service of air conditioners in Montenegro

  • Long-term experience of certified equipment maintenance from worldwide leaders
  • Critical incident response
  • 24-hour monitoring service

Service and repair work include:

  1. - compulsory scheduled maintenance (set of actions, specified by manufacturers)
  2. - warranty repair
  3. - overhaul repairs
  4. - emergency and breakdown repair
  5. - heating system cleanout
  6. - repair and maintenance of pumps, pumping groups, stop valves
  7. - heat carrier filling into heating system
  8. - repair and service maintenance of air conditioners
  9. - heat carrier refueling of solar collector
  10. - replacement of broken-down vacuum tubes
  11. - heat storage units installation of large volume
  12. - installation of additional collectors.

Cost and repair or periodic service maintenance are defined on a case by case basis.

Please feel free to contact our specialists with any questions concerning repair or service works.

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Repair, service, installation and sale
of climate equipment and solar systems
in Montenegro
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