Air Conditioners in Montenegro. LLC "OS Group"
Repair, service, installation and sale
the climate equipment and solar systems
in Montenegro. LLC "OS GROUP"

Air Conditioners in Montenegro. LLC "OS Group"

When choosing an air conditioner, please note that functions of up-to-date air conditioners go beyond air cooling. Domestic air conditioners are not simply able to warm but also make it in 2-4 times more effectively than any electric heaters!

Premium air conditioners conduct multistace air filtration: entrap dust particles, pet hairs, destroy odorous molecules, bacteria, viruses, mould spores, other particles and so on.

We recommend You to purchase air conditioners in which technologies such as motion sensors, built in self-diagnostics systems, a volume air stream, PIR sensors and so on are used. The majority of split-systems have drainage and heating functions. Some models mix air from outdoors and dampen indoor air.

Air Conditioner — is a device which creates and keeps up a favorable microclimate in apartments, offices and other premises and also purefies air from dust, smells, bacteria and etc.

We offer 3 principal views of conditioners:

Click to enlarge Multi-split Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner
VRV / VRF Air Conditioning Systems Chillers and Fan Coil Units
Cassette Air Conditioner‎ Ducted Air Conditioners Floor or Ceiling Type Air Conditioner Column conditioning

Our services

Customer Service LLC "OS GROUP" carries out service and repair of air conditioners (split-systems), solar power system and heat pumps.

We establish air conditioners and other equipment. We guarantee on all of 100% that installation of your air conditioner will be qualitatively made.

We make both single repair-preventive works, and periodic service with the contract conclusion. More in detail »

Repair, service, installation and sale
of climate equipment and solar systems
in Montenegro
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