Solar energy in Montenegro. LLC "OS Group"
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Solar energy in Montenegro. LLC "OS Group"

Nowadays more people begin to think about possibility to use alternative energy sources instead of the conventional ones. This is not surprising. Many people are anxious about constant increase of utility bills and they want to streamline their expenses. Of no less importance is anxiety about the environment. As you known the recovery of conventional energy sources may dramatically pollute the environment, moreover, the mineral reserves run out from year to year. That is why consumers more often start using alternative completely recommencing energy sources, the most popular and available of which is solar energy.

A lot of people already know about the possibilities of solar batteries, but a solar energy offers far more opportunities. It can be used not only to get electricity, but also to heat water. For this purpose such devices as solar collectors are used.  

The effectiveness of solar collectors depends on several key factors. Upon purchase the following aspects should be taken into account: geographical locality wherein the collector is to be used, insulation level (quantities of the solar energy obtained), quantity of water to be heated by means of a collector. Only with due regard to these factors you may choose the correct model. Of no less importance is the stage of solar collectors installation. An improper installation may crucially blunt its effectiveness. Upon solar collector installation it should be taken into account that the installation process and order differ essentially depending on various system types and their components.

Where to place a collector

A solar collector may be installed on the roof, on a wall of the building or even on the ground. Having said that such factors should be taken into account: collector orientation towards the sun, collector angle inclination and plot opacity. The most optimal decision is to locate the solar collector on the southern side with an inclination level equal to latitude, so as the collector will obtain as much as possible of direct sun lights per a lightday. Shadow from nearby houses and trees depending on daypart and season should be taken into account. It is desirable to avoid shaded areas for better efficienty of a collector.  

Solar collectors can be installed on different surfaces, but specific nature of such surface shall be taken into account. When installing on roof surfaces collector holders are arranged parallel to the roof. The mounting may be carried out both on the roof surface and with insertion in it.

Our services

Customer Service LLC "OS GROUP" carries out service and repair of air conditioners (split-systems), solar power system and heat pumps.

We establish air conditioners and other equipment. We guarantee on all of 100% that installation of your air conditioner will be qualitatively made.

We make both single repair-preventive works, and periodic service with the contract conclusion. More in detail »

Repair, service, installation and sale
of climate equipment and solar systems
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