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Domestic air conditionesr. LLC "OS Group"

The Domestic air conditioner consists of two blocks - external and heartwood and systems (pipes and electroconductings) for connection through which takes place freon.
Systems with two blocks choose more often, but there are systems with several heartwood blocks multi-split systems.
The domestic conditioner is endless system in which, as a rule, air is indoors cooled or heated up and cleared somewhat... Passing through special filters which delete a dust, anther dust and a smoke.

Advantages of the conditioner

 •  Comfort Ideal temperature for comfortable residing or working space, within all year.
 •  Health If the conditioner is used properly, the temperature difference in area and behind its limits, with regular service and fettling of filters there will be no problems with health is not exaggerated. Nobody will tell that it is healthy, to carry out all night long in hot bed. Besides, stories about health or an illness about conditioner utilisation "will sink into oblivion", when it is known, how many patients with heart diseases include the conditioner first of all to worry summer heat.
 •  Economy , influence of thermal pumps and coefficient of a heating 3-8.
 •  Cleanliness There is smoke, ash, no asbestos dust from the heating kiln. The device has filters which gather a dust, simple and electrofax filters which destroy various bacteria, purify from smells and manufacture ozone.
 • Speed In some minutes after inclusion if the device was правилно монтировано, temperature change is indoors felt. Besides, it is possible to instal preliminary the timer of inclusion or device deenergizing.
Consumed Energy in a heating condition almost same, as at work in a refrigeration conditions.

Lacks of conditioners

 •  Ventilation - the Domestic conditioner the system, standard, is not blended with an outside air and it is necessary to aerate air indoors.
 •  Losses capacities at very low temperatures – concerns usual, cheaper conditioners which have inverter no technology.

Correct utilisation of conditioners

With arrival of hot days the question is brought up: what optimum temperature of conditioners to feel comfortable and at the same time to endanger the health?

Doctors advise at this time frequent cooling, i.e. frequent rest, accepting as much liquids.
The conditioner allows precisely (digital) to check temperature, quantity of a relative humidity, purity and air distribution.
You can always create medium where you feel is better, with correct temperature. According to research, the great influence on productivity of the person is temperature indoors.
The optimum temperature depends on outer temperature. It is recommended, that the difference in temperature was not above 10 °С between an outdoor temperature and rooms in which you are because the body can feel shock.
It is important to underline that transition from warm to cold environment (and on the contrary) should not be made suddenly.

sometimes affect it (for example, we come into shop where the gauge is already installed in very low temperature). Certainly, you never should leave and not enter in sweat into the acclimatised room.
Conditioners dry air and consequently consults periodically to aerate a room (devices of type split-system which we use in houses, use air indoors – they do not have exchange with external fresh air)

The important factor is the position the conditioner in a room. You should avoid air blowing directly in the person in a room, there can be superchillings of a body or an inflammation of muscles.

Our services

Customer Service LLC "OS GROUP" carries out service and repair of air conditioners (split-systems), solar power system and heat pumps.

We establish air conditioners and other equipment. We guarantee on all of 100% that installation of your air conditioner will be qualitatively made.

We make both single repair-preventive works, and periodic service with the contract conclusion. More in detail »

Repair, service, installation and sale
of climate equipment and solar systems
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